KMOBILE Android PTT Phone has been launched in the market since 2014. Model F22, F22+, F25, R887 and R95 has been optimized and start mass production.

Below is the issue which we receive report from client. Most of issue can be solved. some belong to operate issue, some belong to provided sample issue.

Feel free to check and have a reference

Issue One:

Handset can¡¯t be open.


1. Check the battery has electricity or not.

2. If battery is ok, need to re-install system SW. (Will introduce detail operation instruction in the solution of ¡°Welcome¡± issue.)

Issue Two:

Boot screen stops in ¡°Welcome¡± page.


1. Download & unzip the radio installing platform & neutral SW

2. Open installing platform file, and click ¡°SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1528.00.000¡±, then choose ¡°flash-tool¡±.

If appears a dialog box, pls click ¡°OK¡±

3. Click ¡°Download Agent¡± , choose ¡°MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin¡± from ¡°PTT radio phone installing platform\SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1528.00.000¡±

4. Click ¡°Scatter-loading¡±, choose ¡°MT6572_Android_scatter¡± from ¡°KH7218_USER\MT6572_Android_scatter.txt¡±(F22 neutral SW in multi-language)

5. Choose ¡°Firmware upgrade¡± from pull-down menu, then click ¡°Download¡± button on the top left corner

6. Remove battery from handsets

7. Connect the no battery handsets with computer by USB cable, then waiting for ¡°Download Flash¡± become 100%.

That¡¯s all installing procedure.


1. Must take off the battery before installing.

2. Don¡¯t interrupt in the process of installing.

3. Installing platform:


4. Neutral system software:


This is for original F22--without "W" in motherboard


This it for optimized F22--with "W" in motherboard

5. Operation Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4_RIxYK6Gn7SWxhWFdZVjYtV2M

Issue Three:

Speaker no sound.


1. Turn up the volume key on the top right of the handset.

2. Use music play so see if the speak can work or not.

3. After turning up the volume key, the music still can¡¯t be worked, it need to replace the speaker.

Issue Four:

Touch screen can¡¯t be used.


1. Restore factory settings.

2. Re-install system SW.

3. Above two points can¡¯t work, then need to replace touch screen.


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