What is MCPTT ?

MCPTT  calls  Mission-Critical-Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) technology which will replace legacy group communication systems, such as VHF, TETRA, P25, iDEN and others.
MCPTT is a next-generation push-to-talk technology that runs over VoLTE and supports a stable group communication service, even when theres a surge in users, through the application of Group Communication System Enabler (GCSE). GCSE is an evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS)-based group communication technology adopted by 3GPP. eMBMS can transmit large-volume multimedia content to massive users at once over an LTE network.


Key Benefit of  MCPTT Service over LTE

MCPTT is based on LTE-architecture and will be available for both, governments/public safety as well as commercial users. This market-approach drives costs down due to economies of scale. Sharing network-infrastructure with commercial users ensure adequate capacity for emergency situation, where public safety will have priority over commercial users.
3GPP has been focused on network infrastructure. Client-side is left up to manufacturers to design and implement according to the market requirements. MCPTT service over LTE offers numerous advantages, including the following:

    Mobile broadband capabilities
  A single device for all mobile voice and broadband data applications
  Integration of situational awareness and other public safety applications designed for
    LTE and devices running smartphone operating systems
  Cost savings/economy of scale
  Nationwide network coverage
  Capacity scalability
  Cross-agency interoperability
  Thriving ecosystem


Who are MCPTT users


K-Mobile is a leading POC PTT phone manufacturer sice 2014. our company start android product development in 2008.

Our product has below models:

F22+ : New 3G PTT phone with PTT, SOS, With CE,Belt clip.3500mah battery

F25: 4G LTE PTT Phone with CE.FCC,3500mah battery

R887: 4G LTE PTT Phone with CE.FCC. IP67 Waterproof level.3600mah battery

F35: High end 4g lte PTT phone with DMR , NFC function

F36: New model 4g lte Phone support MCPTT, 3GPTT, IP68 Waterproof PTT phone

R95: 4.5 inch PTT phone with PTT, SOS button


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